A neighbourhood jam session

We’re currently planning for 2024. Sign up to stay informed!

A Sunday arvo music-making session in a pub for closet musos, rockstars and everyone in between (think pub choir for voices and instruments of every skill level, from beginner to pro).

All voices, all instruments, all mistakes welcome

Any of these describe you?

The Overworked Grown-Up

“Working/parenting/stressing/caring for others has sucked up all my time. I’m ready for some joy

The Lapsed Muso

“I would love to find some other musos to play with occasionally”

The Wanna-Be Rockstar

“All of the above and more”

If this is you, contact us here and we can chat about subbing you into the band for a song or two

Join the band and let's play

Ready to Start?

Got Questions?

Not sure if your instrument will fit? Not sure you’ll be able to keep up? Are you a rockstar that wants more friends?

Tell us about you and we’ll send you the info you need.

The Set List

Twelve songs organised into three categories

Focus on four songs, learn up to 12 if you want!

We’ve divided the set list up so you know which songs to practise (no obligation!) and which ones you can wing on the day.

Song Criteria

The songs that made the cut had to be:

Classics that most will know and love

Easy enough for beginner instrumentalists to play and advanced players to extend upon

A great sing for people of all (or no) vocal skills

Feel-good vibes

Run Of Day

What to expect on the day

2:30pm: Instruments rehearse
3:30pm: Singers join
4pm: Perform like we’re at Wembley Stadium
4:30pm: Individual musos can join the band

Have a song suggestion?

A note from Bridget – the Musical Director

Jack of all (a few) trades, master of none

Hello! Bridget here. ? I am a big fan of making music with others.

Science says there are many reasons why playing music is good for humans but it comes down to one word for me. Fun.

When I invite people to play with me, the common response is “I’m not good enough yet”. Whatevs ??‍♀️

I play violin and piano but I’m not amazing at either. I sing, but there are a million voices better than mine. I used to feel like I wasn’t good enough to play with others.

Now that I’m over 40 I no longer care. I just want to make music. And do it with people that are ready to have a go and have a laugh. If we share the philosophy that no mistake is too large and no voice too loud, we are guaranteed to have fun.

There is music to be made. Let’s make it ?


The Band Behind “The Band”

Whilst all of us are “The Band”, there will be an actual band of pro musos playing with us so we can pretend we sound really good even if we don’t.